There are many ways to donate to our mission of clean water


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Legacy Giving

May your life be peaceful like a river.  May you make pools out of puddles.  And, when you tackle problems, start inward, then move outward, like ripples in a pond.

We truly value our clean water.  It nourishes us, sustains our homes and businesses, cleanses us, and gives us new life through baptisms.  The same water on earth today, is the same water that was here in the beginning of time and will provide for future generations.  It’s how we use and plan for that water that will impact lives positively or negatively.  As you think about your gifts beyond this life, please consider the gift of water by gifting annuities, trusts, life insurance, stocks, or a cash contribution to the Swatara Watershed Association. Give the gift that will keep on giving.  Thank you, and bless you for your thoughtful consideration.