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Clean Water

Wells in the county can become polluted or go dry. In fact, the Bethel area is a deficit area where enough rain doesn’t fall to recharge used groundwater. As a result, and because our population has almost doubled since the early 1950s, more and more people depend upon a clean public water supply. The water on earth today is the same amount of water that was here at the beginning of time. We need to be good stewards of the earth, and shepherd the Swatara Creek, a source of drinking water, recreation and wellness in our back yard.  

The source of our public water supply in the Swatara Watershed is from three sources:  American Water Company, Lebanon Water Authority, and United Water Company, and all three utilize water drawn from the Swatara Creek.  The Seigrist Reservoir is also a supply of clean water for the Lebanon Water Authority. 

Keeping an eye on Clean Water:

Challenges to good water quality: